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Cowboys film review: Three specific ways Amari Cooper can help the Dallas offense A BLOCKBUSTER TRADE! Those are words we don’t normally use when describing transactions the Cowboys’ front office makes. But boy did they finally decide to pick up the phone and make an all-in move at a position of need that desperately needed upgrading. It was announced on Monday that the Cowboys had traded their 2019 first-round pick to the Oakland Raiders for 24-year old receiver Amari Cooper. Since entering the league in 2015 Emmitt Smith Color Rush Jersey , Cooper has hauled in 225 receptions, 3,183 yards, and 19 touchdowns. Let’s take a look at the film to see exactly what the Cowboys are getting in their new shiny toy, that will try to get the Cowboys offense back on track.Cooper brings something the Cowboys lack... separation The one thing that stands out with Amari Cooper is how good of a route runner he is. Cooper creates consistent separation using his route running ability, and his physicality at the top of his routes. The Cowboys receivers have struggled to create consistent separation throughout the year, and the addition of Amari Cooper will certainly help make things easier for quarterback Dak Prescott.Though his numbers have been down in 2017 and 2018, Cooper’s route-running level hasn’t dropped. Cooper still does an amazing job creating separation, and picking up yards after the catch. Cooper does most of his damage in the middle of the field out of the slot, but also does a very good job of making big plays lined up on the outside, down the field. What makes Amari Cooper most effective is that he is not a one-trick-pony. Cooper makes plays in all three levels of the field and can make plays after the catch.As you can see from the clip above, the Browns are lined up to stop the run with an eight-man box. That leaves Cooper on an island with Browns’ cornerback Terrance Mitchell. Cooper is able to win his matchup on a nice “post route” using great hand placement at the top of his route. The Cowboys offense sees a ton of loaded boxes, and so far this year they have yet to find a receiver that can consistently win one-on-one against man coverage, Cooper can do just that.Cooper runs a variety of routes that Dallas must incorporateThere are few receivers in the NFL who have developed route trees. A lot of guys nowadays win using their speed, size, or the ability to perfect just a few routes. Cooper brings in a developed route tree that will allow him to get open in a variety of ways. One of Amari Cooper’s best routes is the “sluggo”, which stands for slant-and-go. The concept around this route is similar to the simple double move that Michael Gallup scored on against the Redskins. During the route, Cooper does an excellent job of selling the inside slant with a quick stutter (forcing the DB to play the slant), selling the slant with shoulder turn, and head/eye sell to the middle of the field , then he’s able to plant off his inside foot and turn upfield in a hurry. Cooper is able to find so much success with this “sluggo” route because of how well he runs the normal slant route.Here is another example of Cooper making a big play running the “sluggo”. We rarely see this route ran in Dallas, but hopefully they are watching his film as well and see how successful he is running the route. This route will make defenses fear the deeper level of the field, but also have to respect the slant route as well that Cooper also likes to run.Here is another scenario where Cooper wins one-on-one coverage against a loaded Chargers defensive front. Cooper doesn’t do anything special here, but he’s able to round the route off nicely and uses his upper body to protect the football and shade the defender away from his catch radius. The slant was a big part of the Cowboys offense for years, but the lack of success with it recently has led the Cowboys to shy away from attacking the middle of the field. Let’s hope that changes now that they have a receiver that is comfortable in the middle of the field hauling in the football.The threat of Cooper, should help Dak, Zeke, and the offensive lineThere’s no denying the lack of weapons at receiver for the Cowboys through the first seven weeks of the season. Cole Beasley has been very good, but his damage normally comes underneath, and converting on third downs. Michael Gallup has started to play with much more confidence, but has yet to be consistent enough to be considered a weapon just yet.With Cooper, they now have a true weapon that defenses must respect. Even with his numbers being down over the last few seasons defenses still show him a ton of respect. They do so by shading a deep safety over to his side of the field, which will take an extra man out of the box, or by using a linebacker who will also take an extra man out of the box. While this doesn’t happen on every snap, it happens enough to where Ezekiel Elliott will have one less man to make miss when running the football. With less men in the box, that also makes it easier for Dak Prescott to read the field without dealing with as much pressure. Taking defenders out of the box opens up the middle of the field which is where Cole Beasley and Ezekiel Elliott do their most damage. Not only was the Amari Cooper trade made to help out the Cowboys receiving corps, but it was put in place to help the offense as a whole. Yes, trading a first-round pick for a guy whose numbers have been trending down is always a risk, but Cooper has loads of talent, is only 24-years old , and plays a position that just wasn’t performing well enough to get it done. The Cowboys are trying to win now, while also setting themselves up for future success with a young talented wide receiver. Whenever a big, or semi-big, or just pretty well-known name pops up that relates even tangentially to the NFL, you can be sure that someone out there is going to link it to the Dallas Cowboys. But some of those names actually make sense. That is the case with the sudden availability of former Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury.Given the widespread discontent with the Dallas offense as run under Scott Linehan, it is not hard to see that there could well be a place on the Cowboys staff for him. And it doesn’t hurt that he has some kind of relationship with the Jones family - John Stephen Jones, son of Stephen and grandson of Jerry, which makes him kind of the scion of things Cowboys, heavily considered Texas Tech to play his college ball before he committed to Arkansas. But it looks like the Jones family would have to commit to Kingsbury now rather than later if they want to win that recruiting war, based on what Brandt reported. That may be a little sticky with Linehan still in place, and with the Dallas offense showing a new life since the arrival of Amari Cooper.So should the Cowboys find some way to land Kingsbury before he is lured somewhere else? Our Tom Ryle and Michael Strawn, as always, have some thoughts about that.Michael: Short answer: absolutely yes.Let me be clear, I don’t follow college football closely and probably know more about Kliff Kingsbury the player than Kingsbury the coach. What I’ve read, however, is that he’s fluent in “modern” offensive schemes. (Note I put “modern” in quotes because these schemes have been around for 20+ years in the college and high school ranks; only the NFL has been slow to catch on). As you mention, the Cowboys are widely regarded as possessing one of the most neanderthal offensive schemes in the league.When you have respected, not-prone-to-exaggeration analysts like Bucky Brooks commenting on the simplicity and predictability of the scheme there’s clearly issues. Bringing in someone with fresh ideas on how to put players like Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott into position to succeed seems like a no-brainer.Tom: I am hardly a Linehan supporter here, but I am not so sure this is the way for Dallas to go. And I won’t even get into the question of whether his ideas will automatically translate to the NFL (because I tend to think they will). Things have changed a lot over the past three weeks, as the Cowboys have gone on a tear and won three in a row. Yes Randy White Jersey , that is largely due to Amari Cooper’s arrival, but it also owes a lot to Ezekiel Elliott balling out, Dak Prescott playing better, and the promotion of Marc Colombo (feat. Hudson Houck) to get the offensive line back on track. The fact is that the roster was not really suited to Linehan’s system prior to those moves, since it depends on three key elements: A stud WR1, an equally impactful RB1, and a dominant offensive line. One of those is now fixed, one was always in place, and the third, while still not where we want it to be, has certainly gotten a lot closer.Now that the offensive roster is really a good fit for Linehan’s system, do we really want to be so eager about changing horses? And does this roster fit what Kingsbury does? And then there is the surly gorilla over there in the corner, which is just how would Linehan react, and would bringing Kingsbury aboard in whatever capacity fatally wound the coaching staff?Michael: First I’m with you in thinking the offense looks better. I also recognize Linehan has had success with his system (see 2014/2016). And you look at recent goal line plays that failed - the Cole Beasley drop and the miss to Noah Brown - well-designed plays where the scheme was terrific but the players failed to execute.So I’m willing to give Linehan credit. But that doesn’t mean things can’t be better. Two things keep bothering me: analysts pointing out how predictable and easy to defend the Cowboys are and then watching defenses look helpless against teams like the Chiefs. There’s always room for improvement.As for the concerns about Linehan I have none. This is a profession and these guys understand that. If Linehan doesn’t want to get on board with the plan he knows what his options are. It’s not like the players and remaining coaches would suddenly forget the plays. Rod Marinelli welcomes Kris Richard. Bring Kingsbury on as a consultant or whatever. Maybe set up a situation next year similar to the Marinelli/Richard set up. This organization has a pretty good track record of getting coaches to work together.Tom: Well, you may be more optimistic than I am, because I have a suspicion that Linehan is very focused on maintaining control, and no matter how you couch it, he would be losing it with Kingsbury on the staff, whatever his role or title. I really doubt Linehan would quietly let Kingsbury have much say in play calling or game planning. And what else would his hire be for, other than just salting him away for next season?Most importantly Chuck Howley Color Rush Jersey , I just am not a fan of making a major change like this when things are going so well. The Cooper trade and the Colombo promotion were answers to glaring issues, which now don’t exist. As you mentioned, the only real failures of late have been execution, not the actual play calls. With the team looking like it is getting better across the board as the season progresses, I remain leery of another big shakeup. And Kingsbury would be nothing else. It may be a conservative take, but when it comes down to it, I subscribe to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” theory. Right now, it just ain’t brokeMichael: Well, this is where I’d have to put my big picture hat on. Simply, do the Cowboys want to give up the opportunity to add one of the bright, young offensive minds in football in order to keep things smooth with Scott Linehan? Regardless of how the rest of this season plays out I think Linehan’s position is tenuous simply due to widespread recognition that his schemes are simple and dated. Heck, they nearly fired him a month ago based on reports. If he does resist, I’d be fine with making that change now. Garrett can assume play-calling duties. I honestly doubt it would come to that.There you have it. Where do you come down on Kingsbury and Linehan? Join the debate in the comments - politely, of course.
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